Unisync Group Set To Take On DND’s $3 Billion Dollar Uniform Requirement!

A major operational clothing and equipment manufacturer to the Canadian Armed Forces (“CAF”), Peerless Garments’ parent company is readying itself to both compete in the international marketplace and bid on Canadian Government contracts worth several billions of dollars.

Pierre L. Charron, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of Unisync Group, says the national uniform company is expecting substantial growth within the next service when it does take that international leap. “We’re on the cusp of doing just that,” Charron told CDR. “We expect to go international in the next two years.”

In addition to preparing itself for upcoming significant opportunities with the Canadian Government which require Canadian-made product, this uniform industry juggernaut is currently vetting manufacturers throughout the world to be able to deliver a flawless

“We’re identifying manufacturing hubs that are conducive to where we are going to provide these services,” said Charron. But, deals in the works at Unisync could soon make last year’s double-digit growth in sales pale in comparison. In the next six months, PSPC (Public Services and Procurement Canada), formerly PWGSC, is expected to issue a request for proposal for a contract to supply the CAF with all its operational clothing and footwear items along with selected equipment items (“OCFC2”). Think specialized work wear including combat uniforms.

“Including option years it will be for 20 years and . . . it’s safe to say it’ll be over $1 billion,” Charron told CDR. The heart and soul of Unisync’s capability to be a serious contender for that military contract is a combination of two elements: its vertical integration with its Winnipeg-based Peerless Garments subsidiary, a long-time contractor to the Canadian Armed Forces, and Unisync’s experience in developing, sourcing and managing complex consolidated uniform programs.

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