Aldo (Albert) Ibraham El Tassi Profile

Peerless Garments LP


Abdo (Albert) Ibrahim El Tasso started in the shipping department of Peerless Garments Ltd. shortly after his arrival in Canada in 1969. Since June 2006 he has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Peerless Garments LP, which is a garment manufacturer and importer carrying two main businesses: leather and cold weather garments.

In 2003 Mr. El Tassi was inducted as a “Member of the Order of Canada” and in 2009 was named to “The Order of Manitoba”. He has received numerous awards for his community service and in November 2012, he was presented with the “2012 Gold Heart Humanitarian of the Year” award from Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba. In 2013 Mr. El Tassi was appointed by the Canada’s Minister of National Defence to the official rank of “Honorary Lieutenant Colonel – The Royal Winnipeg Rifles”.

For over 45 years Mr. El Tassi has worked closely with Department of National Defence staff working on the design and development of specialized garments for the military.

As the Chief Executive Officer and a Shareholder in both Peerless Garments Ltd., and Peerless Garments LP, Mr. El Tassi has guided the company from earnings of $3,000,000.00 annually to over $45,000,000.00 in sales annually.

Mr. El Tassi has helped and sponsored as many as 50 immigrants to Canada, including refugees from war-torn countries such as Vietnam and the Middle East.

The opportunity for success that he has enjoyed has also been an opportunity to reach out to people in need around the world.




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