Creative Design

Heavily influenced by retail fashion, trends and innovations are effectively balanced with 80+ years of uniform manufacturing and design experience.

Our design team are experts at implementing detailed analyses of workplace environments and job functions to ensure the best fit and function for selected uniform garments.

Complementing our design team is our experienced fabric and product research and development team, focused on meeting the unique needs of the uniform industry.

The launch of a re-designed uniform program for a large new or existing client is a major undertaking both for the client and our Company. Extensive involvement and pre-staging of resources is required from early in the design process to the actual launch and changeover to the new uniforms by a team of people responsible for the implementation process at both the client and Company organizations. This re-design process can span up to a two year period before the actual launch takes place largely due to the extensive selection and quality control process that these clients go through. It also explains why it is often 10 years or more before these companies undertake another re-design of their existing program. A launch involves the delivery of kits that may include two or more pieces of each uniform item per employee. As a result, lower replenishment deliveries are expected during the first couple of quarters following a roll out, but volumes then return to normal “steady state” maintenance and replacement levels during the following years of these typically long-term engagements.

As announced on April 3, 2018, Unisync Group Limited was selected by the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors to receive the Image of the Year Award in the “Transportation – People” Category for its involvement in the design and production of Air Canada’s new airline uniform. In addition, the Air Canada new uniform program was also awarded the highly prestigious “Best of the Best” Award presented to the highest scoring entry in recognition of overall excellence. Our numerous creative designs have won an array of NAUMD Awards over the past decade.