UNISYNC GROUP – Guelph Distribution Facilities

Our distribution centre in Guelph utilizes technology and processes unrivaled in the uniform industry. This includes sophisticated, fully integrated carousel technology, pick to light, dynamic slotting and inventory management. Our technology drives our order processing systems.

We optimize shipping costs and provide our customers with customized reporting capabilities that ensures cost control at all times. On an average business day, our distribution centre ships more than 12,000 units directly to our customers and to their employees.

PEERLESS GARMENTS – Winnipeg Distribution Facilities

For about 70 years, Peerless Garments has carved out a niche for itself making highly technical garments, mostly for Canadian government departments and agencies, especially for those such as the Department of National Defence, which require uniforms to be made in Canada.

We have been developing for and delivering to the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force, this new generation of clothing according to the Canadian bidding process.

But perhaps because of that specialized and increasingly unusual made-in-Canada feature, the company had not developed a sophisticated distribution system.

Peerless also supplied Sears Canada with men’s leather outerwear for over 37 years, coast to coast.

UTILITY GARMENTS – Montreal Distribution Facilities

As inventory is allocated to orders entered into the system, the inventory is depleted in “real-time”. When the inventory level of a particular size/style is depleted to the prescribed preset minimum level, a cut request is automatically issued to the production department for approval and implementation.

This minimal site inventory works because of the automatic ordering module built into our Visual 2000 system. The entire process is based upon the theory of “Just-in-Time” inventory instead of the current “just-in-case” system.

Minimum inventory levels are set based upon the lead time to replenish inventory and the rate at which inventory is expected to be depleted. This information is directly exported through reporting information generated by our “Inventory Management System” developed by Visual 2000. We normally choose to carry an estimated 4 month inventory even though it only takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks to domestically build most garments. Our import levels are built on a 5 -6 month turn around. This system of automatic replenishment helps eliminate inventory shortages.

Levels are periodically re-evaluated and altered to fit the constantly changing environment of your company and as more accurate usage data is developed through the visual 2000 system.

During periods of known growth, such as seasonal changes, Warehouse and Vendor inventories may be increased to prepare for the expected needs.

UNISYNC GROUP (Formerly Omega Uniforms) – Vancouver Distribution Facilities

UNISYNC GROUP – Vancouver Distribution Facilities

No matter the season, the employees of municipal transit companies need to be comfortable. Uniform ExpressManager was developed as a durable, 4-season program that provides maximum flexibility in garment choice that could be managed by the individual employee. With the sheer number of employees, The Uniform XpressManager saves all companies thousands of dollars per month in administration costs and employee down time. Also providing garments and distribution services to communication, police forces and numerous high profile corporate clients in Western Canada.