Douglas Good Profile

Unisync Corp.

Executive Chairman

Mr. Good has held various positions as a Director, Chairman and President  of Unisync Corp. since 2005.  As a result of the appointment of the new CEO on April 25, 2019 he moved to the position of Executive Chairman.  He has extensive experience in the banking and securities industry and has provided strategic planning, corporate restructuring, finance and senior management services to a range of companies in the start up and early development stages. Mr. Good was a co-founder of HealthCare Capital Corp. which became Sonus Corp., currently one of the largest hearing care providers in North America. Mr. Good has held a number of senior executive positions with junior mining companies including director and Executive Chairman of Redhawk Resources Inc. , director of Remac Zinc Corp. and director, Chairman and President of Rochester Resources Ltd. He is also a former director and founding shareholder of two successful Capital Pool Companies, Rodeo Capital Corp. and Rodeo Capital II Corp.

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