Q: Will Unisync build a custom program designed around my company’s needs?

A: Yes, Unisync Group’s team of industry leading professionals will walk your uniform or promotional program through from conception to delivery. Making sure you have the best product at the best possible price. Schedule a consultation today! 1-905-361-8989.

Q: How long will my order take to ship?

A: Orders placed for in-stock finished merchandise will ship from our Distribution Centre within 2 business days from time of order.

Q: If I want a garment or product that Unisync does not currently stock will they produce it for my company?

A: Absolutely! Unisync Group employs a full team of designers, product developers and procurement specialists all equipped to find our customers the exact product they are looking for.

Q: What if I don’t want to get something custom made? Can I choose from a selection of existing products?

A: Yes. Unisync Group has a comprehensive offering of standard product available to suit your every need.

Q: Where are your garments manufactured?

A: Unisync manufactures garments in 6 countries worldwide, predominantly in 3, with relationships with factories that spread across 4 different continents. We source the best product for the best price at any one of a number of our facilities.

Q: What steps does Unisync take to ensure the comfort, quality and style expected from our employees?

A: Unisync’s group of industry leading professionals will meet with you and your employees to discuss your needs prior to designing a program. We will visit your location(s) to observe your employees at work, ensuring to pay close attention to the type of work each individual does. With this information and our eye for fashion we will design a program that is stylish, comfortable and versatile.

Q: How would a custom designed uniform program enhance my company’s image?

A: A proven fact that when your employees look and feel good their performance improves – At Unisync we look at your needs as well as what your company stands for. The result is a uniform program that your employees are proud to put on every day.

Q: How does Unisync cater to individual employees within my company who need custom sizing?

A: Unisync has the capabilities of manufacturing “one off” garments that are specifically tailored to an employee that requires custom sizing.

Q: I need a uniform program that fits everyone. How does Unisync ensure that your fit is right for my employees?

A: With years of experience in the uniform industry Unisync has mastered a fit that satisfies everyone – not too big and not too small.

Q: Can Unisync duplicate our current uniform program?

A: Yes. Schedule a consultation today! 1-905-361-8989. We can duplicate and even enhance your existing program.

Q: What is your standard warranty?

A: Unisync Group warrants that all products be free from manufacturers’ defects. Garments have been designed and tested to meet “normal wear and tear” conditions providing care and washing instructions have been followed. Defective merchandise will be replaced.