Those who must defend themselves against life-threatening forces on a daily basis need all the protection they can get. Introducing GlenGuard® FR – a revolutionary flame resistant fabric engineered to protect and serve workers who face the harsh environments of gas/oil refinery and electric utility industries. The strength of our new fabric comes from the flame resistant, durable, comfortable and colorfast properties inherent in advanced, light weight Kermel® aramid fibers. Garments made of GlenGuard® FR are UL certified and long-lasting.

  • GlenGuard® FR features excellent resistance to aging, sunlight and abrasion and is one of the lightest weight NFPA70E Class 2 fabricS available on the market. It has the touch of cotton and inherent moisture management ability and uses a static dissipative fiber to combat nuisance static
  • GlenGuard® FR is resistant to most solvents (except phenols and solvents that are very polar) and chlorine bleach The Kermel fiber in GlenGuard resists alkalis, bleaches, solvents and low acid concentrations
  • GlenGuard® FR coveralls are available in sizes 36-60