A trusted source of protection worldwide, Nomex® fibres feature “built-in” protection from flame and heat. When exposed to flame, the Nomex® aramid fibre swells and becomes thicker, forming a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin. This protective barrier stays supple until it cools, giving the wearer vital seconds of protection to escape without serious injury. Nomex® based protective apparel is worn by fire-fighters, petrochemical workers, military personnel and many other professionals.

Garments made with Nomex® are made to last and are easy to maintain. They can be commercially laundered or dry-cleaned, using conventional methods without altering their ability to protect the wearer against heat and flame.

Nomex® fabrics undergo minimal shrinkage (maximum 3 per cent) and maintain their original size and shape over the life of a garment. In fact, Nomex® garments come out of the dryer ready to wear and rarely require ironing.