About Peerless Garments

Founded in 1941, Peerless Garments is proud to be have been a supplier to the military since 1950. Peerless has evolved over the years to a garment manufacturer and importer specializing in the production and distribution of highly technical protective garments designed to provide water-resistance, wind-proofing and warmth. The first coat sets we were privileged to design and develop were worn by our troops from 1950 to 1974. This design was replaced in 1974 by the Extreme Cold Weather Parka system which served until the bid conference in 1991, to design the “Clothe the Soldier” program. Peerless Garments was instrumental in the design and development of the new system.

Throughout our history, we have been proud to have been developing and delivering the best Canadian-made jackets, parkas and apparel for the public, government agencies and private companies, such as the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force. Peerless also supplied Sears Canada with men’s leather outerwear for over 37 years, coast to coast.

In addition to our core products, we are a leader in the production of highly-technical garments which provide water-resistance, wind-proofing and warmth. We are licensed to use Gore-Tex® fabrics including Wind-Stopper® and other work wear materials. We are experienced with fire resistant materials, anti-static products and chemical warfare protective materials. We are specialists using specialized fabrics.