Strategic Services

Strategic Account Manager

The Strategic Account Manager and dedicated Program Manager are the interface between our customers and extensive resources. This ensures a seamless communication for the Implementation and on-going execution of our uniform programs.

The role of the Strategic Account Manager is to provide leadership and support to our team of Program Managers, and to be available as a resource to its key stakeholders, periodically review the status of accounts and work directly with customers to offer proactive strategies which will ensure that Unisync is consistently exceeding our customer service expectations.

Dedicated Program Manager

Core to our ability to execute a complete uniform program is our commitment to see it through-from conception to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Your Program Manager monitors inventory levels routinely to avoid out of stock situations and minimize inventory exposure.

The Account Executive and Program Manager interface between our customers and Unisync Groups extensive resources. This ensures seamless communication for the Implementation and execution of your uniform program.

It is our focus on Total Program Management that differentiates Unisync Group from other companies.