Environmental Footprint

We have increased our collaboration with our industry partners, communities, employees and customers to minimize our environmental impact throughout our operations by leaving less carbon in our atmosphere and less waste in our land and water.

In partnership with our waste recycler, we track our landfill diversion of paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and cardboard. Additionally, all of our vendor-partners are inspected annually for social and environmental compliance and are active in recycling all waste including fabric, paper, plastic, cardboard, pallets, glass and aluminum.

More importantly, we have implemented a coordinated focus on plastic reduction, removing unnecessary yet commonly used garment plastic packaging altogether, or where necessary and possible, replacing it with recyclable cardboard.  Through this initiative alone, we estimate that we have reduced our annual plastic waste by well over 20 tons. 

Our transition to LED lighting had the equivalent C02 reduction of planting 7,310 trees in our Distribution Centre.